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Hanging in Atlanta

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Just finished up a three-day Studio Management Services Workshop at PPA headquarters in Atlanta. Since the PPA International Judging starts in Atlanta on Sunday, I’ve decided to stay over rather than heading back to PA and having to turn around in a day to come back.

We had another sold-out SMS class of great photographers who stayed focused on what it takes to be successful in today’s market, and it was a pleasure to share teaching duties with Lori Nordstrom, who did her usual great job of imparting business success strategies.

Speaking of Lori, she’s just started a new on-line group, called “photo talk forum,” an excellent business resource where she and other members of the forum can share strategies and images, get image critiques, and where members can receive free monthly template downloads. As you probably know, Lori’s templates are WONDERFUL! The forum is off to a great start, so you can subscribe or learn more by clicking here. Best of all, if you are a reader of this blog, Lori is offering a year’s membership at only $99, instead of the regular $129/year fee if you use the following coupon code: NORD99.