Ann Monteith’s Guerrilla Management Workshops

Since 1998, over 750 studio owners have attended Ann Monteith’s Guerrilla Management Workshops. Unique in the industry, these intensive 4-day workshops are designed to achieve three objectives:
  • To help photographers make more money
  • To allow photographers to achieve more leisure time for themselves and their families
  • To help photographers take control of the present and future direction of their businesses.
Workshops are limited to 15 studios to assure plenty of one-on-one attention by instructors Ann Monteith and Judy Grann. Workshop content and processes are strictly real-world and results-oriented to pay big dividends for attendees: Our surveys have shown that within a year of attending a Guerrilla Management Workshop, participants earn at least 55% more net take-home income. That’s just the average; it includes those who haven’t finished making all the changes suggested at the workshop. The income of those who completed all suggestions jumped by over 60%, and some highly motivated students increased their bottom line by more than $100,000 because of what they learned at the workshop. As a result, their businesses — and their lives — improved significantly. And they continue to improve year after year.

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