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Ghosts of the Forest

My friend and colleague Helen Yancy sent me a link to

A VERY unusual herd of deer, photographed by nature photographer Jeff Richter. She knew I would enjoy the beauty of these rare creatures, and I’m sure you will as well. Here’s what the Wisconsin public television promo says a bout the video:

An Iroquois legend proves to be true.
A VERY unusual herd of deer . . . white-tails . . . yes, but more.
Wait until you see these unusual deer!
Location is near Boulder Junction,
Wisconsin near border with Michigan's U. P.
Turn up the sound and enjoy!


PPA Charities Celebrates Another Successful Fund-Raising Year!

In case you didn't attend the PPA Charities Celebration at ImagingUSA in San Antonio, I thought you might enjoy seeing this video I compiled from images made by Peter Horn and Jimmy Hayes. The high point of the evening was turning over a check for $100,000 to Operation Smile for the second year in a row. Thanks so very much to all those PPA members who made this donation possible!

You can read more about the event by logging on to the PPA Charities Blog by clicking here.