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Final 2011 Guerrilla Managment Class Set for October 14-17


I’ve just posted the dates for the last Guerrilla Management Workshop that is scheduled for 2011. It will take place on October 14-17 at my vacation home and studio in Deep Creek Lake, Three studios are already booked, so that means I have 12 studio spaces left. We had a great class in Fredericksburg, VA last month; I’m already hearing about some major accomplishments made by the group below. I’m looking forward to an equally productive class in Deep Creek next October.



Thank You St. Patrick!

I love St. Patrick’s Day because it makes me think about the wonderful times I’ve spent in Ireland and the many Irish friends whose company I so enjoy. It would have been great to be in Ireland today, because in spite of their economic troubles and the woes being experienced around the globe, I bet things were pretty cheerful there. The next best thing was to receive St. Patrick’s Day wishes from two wonderful friends. The first was from Maria Dunphy, my fellow photographer and pet lover from Kilkenny, Ireland. She sent a great video of more than 100 school children and members of Riverdance who spread St. Patrick’s Day cheer by breaking out in Irish dancing in the middle of Sidney’s Central Station. It really lifted my spirits, and I bet it will lift yours!

This evening, my friend and Digital Diva, Helen Yancy, sent me a lovely Irish Blessing created by actress Roma Downey and Irish musical impresario Phil Coulter. Helen will be making her first trip to Ireland in June, she she’ll get to see some of these spectacular settings in person.


I’ve been fortunate to have photographed most of the venues shown in this beautiful video, so I urge you to take a moment to see why I love spending time roaming the spectacular Irish countryside. Just click here.

The blessing begins:

May the Blessing of Light be upon you.
Light on the outside and light on the inside.

A beautiful thought for a troubled world on St. Patrick’s Day.


A Newborn Campaign You Should Know About NOW!

I want to let you know about a brand-new Newborn Marketing Campaign that I've been involved with developing at Marathon Press. Ordinarily, I would just send you to a link on their website, but I want readers of this blog to know about it now, as it is a ZIP Code-protected program, and Marathon has just started to market it nationwide. Zip Code protection means that only one studio in a given market area can use it, so if you are interested you must act NOW, and I mean NOW . . . not next week.


This comprehensive, affordable campaign, features 3 unique mailing pieces plus a free blogsite that solve the problem associated with marketing to new parents: Your marketing will stand out from all others, and your message definitely will be read. How can I say this with such certainty?

  • The first two mailing sets consist of two distinctive 2-part pieces that must be opened and unfolded to be viewed and read.
  • Once opened, the eye-catching graphics will hold parents' attention as they see your newborn images and read your specific marketing message and special offer.
  • Each prospect will receive three mailings, sent one week apart, along with a link to your matching newborn blogsite, just the type of repetition you need to get your message noticed!

The charming graphics are designed to complement any style of newborn photography. As an action-oriented campaign, not an overall branding strategy, each mailing nonetheless strongly reflects your business identity by displaying your portraits, studio identity elements, and marketing message.

Mailings Are Done For You . . . Automatically!

You decide how many mailings you wish to do each month, based on ZIP Code selection, then Marathon takes it from there by processing each mailing at one-week intervals. Think of the time you will save as your prospects receive highly professional mailings from your business!

You pay only $3.89 per prospect for printing, processing and posting all three mailings (with customized inserts), including list selection, postage, and Newborn Blogsite. To register, you must pay a one-time fee of $199 . . . however, if you act NOW, while most ZIP Codes are available, you'll pay only $59. Best of all, the mailing list features pre-natal and post-natal names because it's important for you to get those new babies in early!

Additional No-Charge Support from Marathon

Marathon knows that the success of newborn marketing campaigns depends on creating a marketing message and offer that is appropriate for where you are presently positioned in the market as well as understanding how to make the most of each client who responds to your marketing campaign. Marathon's marketing professionals will provide you important feedback to assure that you are on the right track with your newborn marketing campaign.

Act NOW, Or It Will Be Too late!

For more information on this exciting program, click here. To learn whether your ZIP Code is available, call a Marathon Account Representative Today!


Allen Theatre

I was thrilled to learn that my favorite movie house anywhere, The Allen Theatre in my town of only 5,000 people, was named one of the 12 best movie theatres in America by Moviefone.com. Here’s what the Moviefone listing had to say:

Theater: The Allen Theatre
Location: Annville, PA
Best Feature: Antique movie posters and local art complement this renovated theater
Our Readers Say: Moviefone reader Bert says, "Adorned with movie posters from yesteryear, the theater has an old feel with modern sound and digital picture. A moviegoer really gets an experience, not just a movie, complete with announcements, pre-film music and a red curtain unveiling the show."

The Allen was named after Allen Hicks, who was our insurance agent until his death. Mr. Hicks was married to the late Mary Jane Hicks, who after a lottery win became the benefactor of the old Astor Theater, which was destined for the wrecking ball until her good fortune became the good fortune of our little town. Today the Hicks’s son, Skip, a former teacher, owns and operates the movie house, which many, including myself, consider to be Annville’s crown jewel.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every lottery winner would leave behind such a legacy? You can learn more about the Allen Theatre by
clicking here.