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Do You Suffer from IOS?

As much as I love my Macs, and as much as I need my iPhone when I travel, nothing irritates me more than what cell phones and digital devices are doing to fragment personal relationships and the ability to achieve business focus. I’ve been so concerned about this phenomenon that I read the book Crazy Busy, the subtitle of which is Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD. I learned a lot about the real dangers of overdosing on technology, written by the guy who apparently is THE expert on Attention Deficit Disorder. He concludes that today just about everyone has the symptoms of ADD because of technology distraction. I’m not surprised. It’s really rather serious stuff, so it was fun when I discovered this lighthearted view of the subject by Xerox.



Remembering the Military on Armistice Day

Today is Armistice Day, the national holiday that commemorates the 1918 armistice signed between Germany and the Allies of World War I. It marked the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Armistice Day also is known as Remembrance Day, a time when our thoughts turn to our servicemen and women around the world who miss and are missed by their families. Seems to me this is a good day to revisit one of the most touching commercial videos I’ve ever viewed. Created by the Ford Motor Company, it is a reminder that marketing messages are at their best when they carry with them a broader theme that sometimes has the capacity to touch the heart.